Bob Santucci | Realtor | Testimonials

Bob Santucci | Realtor | Testimonials 

Bob Santucci is a Realtor with plenty of client testimonials. This Realtor has helped a lot of folks over the past ten years. The reason folks love Bob Santucci Realtor is the passion he displays in every transaction. Homes, Ranches and Vineyards are Bob’s specialties but he also does a few commercial properties every year. Give Bob a call and get started just like these folks did. 


The finest compliment that I can receive is a referral from past clients.

My business has been built on referrals.

 I am happy that my past clients are all new friends!


Don Dana is the President of Wells Fargo Mortgage. Don knows real estate! Bob represented Don as his buyers agent on Bob’s listing  of the 1893 Queen Anne home on Grant and Prince Streets in Healdsburg. Bob represented both sides of this transaction with both the seller and buyer more than satisfied. Don says,

Hi Bob,

Just wanted to say thanks for your help in acquiring the Kelley House. You were very professional, and a pleasure to work with. Hopefully, our paths will cross again sometime. Please let the seller know that we are grateful for his cooperation, and will take good care of his property.


Don Dana

Bob Nelson was the seller of this family home at Grant and Prince Streets. Bob Nelson says,

“Bob Santucci did a great job with the sale of my family home. Bob cares, handles details and explains the process from beginning to end.”


Charles and Myra Greene of Healdsburg have closed five escrows with Bob in the past several years. The most recent is a 5000 SF office building that is part of a complex chain of investment properties.

“Bob goes the extra mile every time which assures a smooth transaction. His skills can handle anything we throw at him and his patience great and appreciated.” 


Lori Schoffstall is a middle school teacher that was recently widowed. Lori lost her lease in Healdsburg and was desperate for housing. She really wanted to stay in Sonoma County and we need really great teachers like Lori. I found 5% grant money to get her into a condo in Rohnert Park just prior to Christmas. We closed escrow in less than thirty days with grant money. Lori has now gained a permanent status at Santa Rosa Middle School and everyone wins. A teacher and asset to our community

“Bob is a wonderful realtor to work with. He helped me find a place under some pretty tough time constraints, and he kept things moving and always, always in a light hearted, fun way. Bob is a great person and will go the extra mile and take the extra time it takes to find a great place. I’m really thankful I had Bob as a realtor! “


Craig Tallman was a first time buyer, a great friend and all around great guy. Craig’s Grandma wanted to get him into a home that would also be a great investment. His investment has doubled in two years but most importantly he has a great home.

“Bob did excellent work representing me throughout the purchase of my first home. He’s knows his stuff when it comes to North Bay real estate. Buying an affordable house in Sonoma County seemed like a ridiculous idea when I jumped into the market but with Bob’s help it quickly became attainable. He helped to explain and simplify what can sometimes be a very convoluted process. I ended up getting a good deal on a great home that has proven to be a fantastic investment. Bob’s predictions for the market have been well born out in the time since I closed. He stayed in touch with me after I moved in and worked hard to make sure I was happy with the place. He even helped me with some repairs around the house!”

Craig Tallman




“We had our property on the market for two entire listing periods and near the end of the second cycle (a full year) we were approached by Bob. Bob’s offer was to build a website for the property named Alexander Valley Real Estate and explained that if he captured a buyer that he would represent that buyer.”

“Bob had a buyer within two months of our visit, coordinated six inspections on a single day and created a very upbeat environment to close the sale smoothly in record time.”

“His approach to the internet was a mystery to us but he did what the top companies could not do and did it in record time.”

Ben Baldwin DVM


“We really apprecite Bob and his knowledge of financing. We have a large ranch in Alexander Valley and other homes that needed to be refinanced. We hired Bob to consult us on the process and because he prepared us for several scenarios with several lenders. The entire process was seamless. Bob is a great real estate consultant!”

Hugo and Barbara Bauer, Alexander Valley


My husband and I found ourselves in the predicament of dealing with a death in our family, finding a suitable living facility for my 90-year-old mother, relocating her to Utah, traveling internationally soon because we had nonrefundable tickets and, worst of all, having to sell a house in six month to cover an existing reverse mortgage.  On top of all that the California housing market was very depressed.

Bob came to the rescue.  He made concrete suggestions of what had to be done both inside and outside in order to prepare the house for market.  Bob had contacts with many businesses that would do good work at a reasonable price.  At one point he even provided us with some yard equipment and labor (his sons) to help keep down costs.  And all of this happened while we were were either in Utah or traveling.  It was amazing!

Bob held multiiple open houses and marketed the home aggressively.  While we were in Italy in early April the house was sold at close to the asking price (negotiations were via telephone), and by May 5th closing was completed.  We still find this amazing and feel that Bob was essential in making this happen, and we are forever grateful for all of his efforts.

Judy and Keith Eaton, Utah


No one knows Sonoma County like Bob. Every house, restaurant, senior community, river path, back road and winery is familiar to Bob. He uses this information to help a new Sonoma resident understand what it would really be like to live in the area. His familiarity with the market and local real estate agents allow him to move quickly and efficiently when opportunities arise. He works diligently and creatively to get the job done. Bob’s expertise and hard work made our house purchase flawless and successful and I’m sure he will do the same for you.

Patrick Peterson, San Francisco


Bob Santucci has proven to me that he is a true Country Property Specialist. We had read the reviews about Bob and his work in the Senior Communities. He claimed to be just as good with country properties. We have been looking for an exact type of property for the past four years to develop a Truffle Farm. Although we have not found it yet after six years we found Bob Santucci to have the best resources for country property. Whether it be the best Septic Engineers or or MicroBiologiological Engineers Bob Is Great!

The Truffle Guy, Sonoma County


I first met Bob when he stopped by our house. We were in the process of cleaning it out. Our parents had passed and it was time to deal with a life time of memories. We were just there to do an initial clean up and to develop a plan. We live in Las Vegas so this is not easy.

Bob stayed in touch regularly over the next two years and was there with his team if we needed him. We met again with Bob and had him list the home. He went on and on about his internet marketing which seemed confusing. Bob placed the home on the market on a Friday and a neighbor heard about it while on vacation in Rome on Sunday AM. An offer was made and the home was sold in less than 30 days with no problems. He was a master at coordinating all of the services from hundreds of miles away.

Bob is a great Realtor at so many levels and I recommend Bob Santucci

Charles Sandes, Las Vegas, Nevada


 A Caring Respectful Realtor

My husband and I had never thought about selling our ranch so when there was a knock on our door and it was a Realtor wanting to talk to us about selling our home we were a bit surprised. We let Bob Santucci come in our home and he explained that he had been hired to acquire our property.

We did recognize him because he seems to be in the Healdsburg Tribune all the time for some cause he is supporting. It turned out we had a lot in common and he did know a lot about our history and ranch. We listened to his proposal and it seemed real.

Bob came and visited us as well as gave us information on local property values over the course of the next year. It took us about a year to make the decision to move forward. Bob handled both sides of the transaction and any challenge was dealt with easily. We have Dry Creek on one side of the property so the Department of Fish and Game were involved. We had to remove an old underground fuel tank and Bob knew how to handle those agencies. It was such a smooth transaction.

That ranch had become too much for us to deal with and we did not really have a plan. Bob was a true blessing for us. From the day he knocked on our door until the day we hugged good bye it was great to see such a great young professional in action.

The McDonalds

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