Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park

Healdsburg Golf ClubHealdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park

As I sit to write this I am again reminded how much The Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park means to me. It has always been Healdsburg’s crown jewel and sparkles more than ever today.

I was raised on the 9th fairway at Tayman in the 1960’s which says a lot right there. Golf was huge and Tayman Park was the hub of the town back then. The Club House was where everybody had their family parties and the Villa Chanticleer was for more formal endeavors like weddings and big events. It seemed like there was a lot of great activities and joyful sound all the time.

When I was growing up we used to take a short cut home across the golf course from elementary school every day. We would stop at the Pro-Shop to get a candy bar and there was always a group of old men gathering to play Pinochle and smoke cigars. Inevitably one or two of their group was always late and we were asked to sit in for a couple of hands and work on our “Math” skills by playing poker with them. Wally Dreisbach, Dick Crapeu, Bob Cousins and a half dozen other great men were always there. It was the best way to grow up!

These Are the Good Old Days

Today I am just about overjoyed to see The Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park is just booming! It is once again the hub of so many lives.

  • The local group that manages the golf course has invested years and years’ worth of upgrades to the course and it is playing better than ever.
  • The Men’s Club and Women’s Clubs are booming and are now involved in fundraising. This is my favorite part because it is now a place where I can get my support for local youth fulfilled.
  • Friday Happy Hours at Tayman Park are the best! They have the best Friday Happy Hour in Sonoma County that pairs great wine, the best cocktails Oysters and weekly food specials.

Service Club Alternative

One of the biggest changes I have seen is in our fundraising abilities. A couple of years ago the Men’s and Women’s Clubs got together for a “Social Tournament.” We were asked to bring a donation for the High Schools Golf Teams. The donations were great and so is the passion for golf. We generate tens of thousands of dollars for local causes. It’s just the best!

Support Our Local Resources

This past winter has been a long one and we all want to get out and have fun.

I know for me a great jump start is to have my membership in the Healdsburg Men’s Golf Club, $100.00 for a year which includes ten great dinners and lots of golf tournaments. I also have my Sonoma County Regional Parks Pass. For live music in Sonoma County there are great bands every night these days so get out there and see a live band, enjoy a play at The Raven Theater and CELEBRATE SPRING when you are not busy in the garden.

Bob Santucci is a local Realtor with a passion for his community.