Sonoma County Real Estate For Sale

Sonoma-County-Real-Estate-SellersHow to Sell Your Sonoma County Real Estate 

Sonoma County Real Estate Sellers need the most comprehensive tools available. The MLS and a yard sign are not enough to get the job done anymore.

You need video, social media, a multitude of websites and glossy magazines to keep your Sonoma County Real Estate listings on the top of mind of Sonoma County Real Estate buyers today. Bob Santucci delivers that and much more.

Constant updating of information and follow up with every potential buyer is paramount. “We are in the information age and your Realtor has to be a master at coordinating all of the tools available today.” Says, Bob.

Real Estate Listing Specialist

 If you are planning on selling a Home, Ranch or Vineyard in Sonoma County then you need a Real Estate Listing Specialist. A listing specialist focuses on the listing, marketing and sale of Sonoma County Real Estate.

Ironically, listing agents usually have more knowledge of homes for sale or coming on the market than buyers agents because they network with other listing agents. If you’re a buyer use the edge of having a Realtor that follows the shadow inventory.

Interview several Realtors and ask this question. “What do you do better than all of your competitors?”

Listing agents are different buyer’s agents. Listing agents will have an entire arsenal of tools to market your property which goes much farther than the MLS and a sign in your yard. They network with other listing agents. Their focus is on the best way to market your home.

What Does Bob Santucci Do Better?

Bob gets properties in front of more eyes than other Realtor. More exposure equals more options as a seller and often times more money and always the best qualified buyer.

Internet Marketing

If you are reading this then you already know that Bob Santucci gets the word out. He is the leader in real estate marketing in Sonoma County. Ninety percent of all buyers begin their search on the internet. Your property is unique and Bob has tools to target specific buyers for Homes, Ranches and Vineyards in Sonoma County. Bob sells commercial properties also.

Bob uses a potent combination of Top Ranked Websites, Individual Property Websites, You Tube Video’s, Viral Blogging and Social Media to market properties.

Photography and Video

It takes a passion for both of these and to be the best takes lots of hours of hard work. The combination of art and technology is what Bob loves the most.  

Print Advertising

Bob Santucci comes from a family of publishers and loves writing copy. Bob runs half page ads every month in Homes and Land magazine. Homes and Land has partnerships with the Wall Street Journal and is the only real estate magazine to have high ranking on the internet.


Wright Realty and Bob are both known for highly visible signs. The Wright Realty sign logo is one of the most recognized in Sonoma County real estate.

The fore-mentioned items are key to marketing real estate in today’s market. Your Realtor must be the leader in all these areas to get the most return on your investment.



The Basic Plan (Call Bob for your custom plan)

  1.  Analyze your property and determine marketing strategy. Meet & confirm analysis.
  2.  Share suggestions with you of ways to help get your home ready to sell.
  3.  Shoot images and video, write copy for marketing and signage. Optimize everything!
  4.  Place magazine ads. Create flier package for property with extensive information.
  5.  Build unique, high traffic website for property with video and data mining.         
  6.  Place sign, install lockbox and pre-release property under new “Coming Soon” rules.
  7.  Submit your listing to the Multiple Listing Service.
  8.  Optimize all aggregated partner sites such as Zillow, and Trulia.
  9.  Design and distribute custom flyers/fact sheets describing your property.
  10.  Arrange and conduct tours of local brokers.                       
  11.  Promote your property at the weekly Multiple Listing Service meeting.
  12.  Hold Broker’s Open House for MLS member agents.
  13.  Announce availability of your property to at your neighbors.
  14.  Email all agents who have shown your home and provide you feedback reports.
  15.  Hold your property open on alternating weekends (with your permission).
  16.  Call you weekly to answer questions, discuss concerns, and give you status reports.
  17.  Insure compliance with new disclosure laws.
  18.  Provide the office support of a full-time, full service brokerage.
  19.  Negotiate, on your behalf, with all prospective purchasers.
  20.  Be available to you for questions and information as needed.

Give Bob a call today and ask him “What’s new in real estate marketing?” Be prepared for a lengthy answer with a guy that just a little too excited about what he does though.