Healdsburg Adult Communities

Healdsburg Senior Community Healdsburg Adult Communities

There are several Healdsburg Adult Communities for folks 55 years of age and up. Each Healdsburg Adult Community is located on the shores of the Russian River just one mile from Healdsburg’s downtown area and Healdsburg Senior Center.

The three communities, River Side, River View and Rivers Bend each have river access, their own homeowners association and just slight differences in the association rules. Some communities allow rental homes while other discourage them. Give Bob Santucci a call for the latest information on that.

The communities are a mix of two and three bedroom homes with attached garages. Some have river frontage and others face the many greenbelts that were incorporated into the designs and each area has its own swimming pool area. There are miles of walking trails and a trail network that connects all areas of Healdsburg to these communities. As I had said the historic Healdsburg Plaza is exactly one level mile along wide sidewalks and safe walking trails.

The Healdsburg Adult Communities are integrated into the town’s plans. There is curbside municipal bus service that makes needed trips to the store, health services and church easy and safe. Healdsburg has excellent healthcare through Healdsburg Hospital that consists of emergency care and the best stroke center in Northern California.

The other component to the excellent community support is the Healdsburg Senior Center located downtown. It is a vibrant year round center that has a wide variety of classes for everything from nutrition to yoga. My favorite event is the Healdsburg Senior Christmas Dinner which I have been a part of as one of many chefs over the past couple of decades.

Senior Real Estate Specialist

Bob Santucci is a Senior Real Estate Specialist with the National Association of Realtors. Bob is trained to handle the wide variety of special needs that our aging population is facing today. Housing, trusts, plans and estates are part of Bob’s training that will protect you.

The first call Bob usually receives from a concerned family member is that Mom or Dad left the gas on after cooking and it is time for them to go to a rest home. Not yet. Bob is trained to provide a multitude of options and a solid plan that will bring harmony to families and independent living for our loved ones. Bob’s parents are in their late 90’s and live at home.

“This is the time to make sure that everything you need to do to for the next phase of life is being done for your family. If you haven’t had this talk with your parents now is the time. Have the talk sooner than later.” Says Bob.

In the later years the calls are from concerned family members in regards to preparing a property for sale. Bob works with estate sales people, professional organizers, contractors and landscapers to help guide the sales of personal belongings and real estate.

My goal is to help folks with more support and options than other Realtor. Give me a call at 707-888-9115 to discuss any real estate questions. 

Bob Santucci is a local Realtor that supports his local community through The Healdsburg Kiwanis Club and dozens of hours of volunteerism. He completes that cycle each year by participating as Chef at the Healdsburg Senior Dinner every year.

Bob Santucci | Your Local Realtor

Bob Santucci | Your Local RealtorBob Santucci | Your Local Realtor

I’m proud of the work that I do as your local Realtor. Here is the payoff for me. A nice message from someone I just helped in selling their home.

On behalf of our family, I would again like to thank you for the very positive experience we all had in working with you recently on the sale of our (father/father-in-law) Ray’s home.
As you know, the sale of his home was very difficult for Ray. He was moving from a home where he had lived for over 50 years and transitioning from a life of relative independence to assisted living. You spent countless hours and exhibited infinite patience in providing him with information about current home sales and how best to evaluate the offers he received.
We also appreciated all the help you provided in preparing his home for sale, including recommendations for everything from estate sales to handyman and cleaning resources. Everyone was exceptional. You even put in some time yourself in personally sprucing up the front yard.
We could not have hoped for a better realtor for Ray. You hometown Healdsburg guys made for an excellent partnership and really got the job done!

I don’t just get to help families with real estate, I get to help families in time of need when they really need a hand. It is just the best job in the world most days. 

It does require a lot of continuing education to keep up with the changing landscape in regards to a wide variety of local issues. As a Sonoma County Realtor we get to keep up with Septic Regulations, Vacation Rentals, Cannabis Regulations and Livestock Issues. Sonoma County is diverse and so are the rules regarding real estate.

I want to help you. Drop me a line for a free market analysis of your property. I work with all types of real estate transactions and have the best support team in the business.


First Time Home Sellers

Lets-make-a-deal-412x280First Time Home Sellers Learn To

Leverage Your Equity

Are you a first time home seller? You have a so many decisions to make and it seems like the market is so different than when you bought just a few years ago. Now you are a first time home seller. A first time home sellers are folks who bought wisely when homes were priced at record lows and now have equity in their home that they want to leverage. 

This is simple for me because I do this all day every day. Let me help you a bit here.

  • First thing is the big question. If I sell then what can I buy and for how much? It was a tight squeeze getting into our first home and we want to buy up but do it painlessly. This next purchase will be much easier because you have a track record with lenders and most folks in your position buy up about 30% higher in value than currently. Remember rates are low and you should get as much as you can now while rates are low.
  • Rates will go up but it is believed that they will not go past 5%
  • What is my home worth? The truth is that at right now we have some figures in for this year of sold homes in this season but we are still teetering on a run up of prices. If a lot of homes come on the market prices will drop so I encourage folks to hop in now.
  • How do I choose a Realtor. Act like a buyer. Go to Google and type in terms that you would if you were shopping and find the top Realtor in that category. Do not choose a company, find the Realtor that is all over the internet because that is where the action is. Find a Realtor that can give you references and is active.

Find a Realtor that works with first time sellers. This is an entirely new category and few of us have prepared for you. If your Realtor has great marketing in this market he should be able to sell quickly and find you a home quickly. There is a ton of inventory out there right now but very little listed. Choose a Realtor that will find you those properties.

Tomorrow I will write an article on how to do concurrent closings where you have the title company streamline the passing of your equity from one home to the next.

Bob Santucci is a full time Realtor and available to answer questions and help you


How to Manage Concurrent Closings

How to Manage Concurrent Closings

How to Manage Concurrent Closings

Concurrent closing on two properties is common in real estate today because they eliminate the need to move twice and the net proceeds from the sale can be used as down payment on the

A title and escrow company has two functions;

  1. To provide Title Insurance that assures there are no clouds on the title, ownership of the property. 
  2. To be a neutral third party that has a fiduciary duty to both parties in regards to escrow. The escrow is done by having the funds from the sale of the property going to the escrow rather than you. Why? Because if there was a profit or a loss you would have a taxable event. When the third party holds the money is is not. That escrow money then transfers that money to the new purchase. 

This is what my team does every day and does it smoothly while keeping you abreast of any crucial information. I have found that different lenders communicate differently. I let lenders know that we need a little more hand holding through the transaction so my clients are never in the dark. Two of the best lenders I know also happen to be the worst communicators which is fine if you do this every day. I want my clients to get really great care.                                                                                                                

Timing is the most crucial issue because certain events must precede others, and all parties to the transaction (buyers, sellers, realtors, lenders, and title company) must be kept apprised of all details.

Choose a date for the closing that will realistically allow enough time to complete all the
required work. Then allow a few days extra, if possible! Avoid scheduling a concurrent closing on the last day of the month in order to avoid problems if a last-minute delay requires pushing the transaction into the next month.

For a smooth transaction, it helps to schedule both closings at the same title company and with the same officer. The main benefit is timing in the transfer of funds. Too long a delay can throw the transaction into the next day. If the properties are in different cities or states, it is better to close on the home you are selling the day before closing the home you are purchasing.

Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park

Healdsburg Golf ClubHealdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park

As I sit to write this I am again reminded how much The Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park means to me. It has always been Healdsburg’s crown jewel and sparkles more than ever today.

I was raised on the 9th fairway at Tayman in the 1960’s which says a lot right there. Golf was huge and Tayman Park was the hub of the town back then. The Club House was where everybody had their family parties and the Villa Chanticleer was for more formal endeavors like weddings and big events. It seemed like there was a lot of great activities and joyful sound all the time.

When I was growing up we used to take a short cut home across the golf course from elementary school every day. We would stop at the Pro-Shop to get a candy bar and there was always a group of old men gathering to play Pinochle and smoke cigars. Inevitably one or two of their group was always late and we were asked to sit in for a couple of hands and work on our “Math” skills by playing poker with them. Wally Dreisbach, Dick Crapeu, Bob Cousins and a half dozen other great men were always there. It was the best way to grow up!

These Are the Good Old Days

Today I am just about overjoyed to see The Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park is just booming! It is once again the hub of so many lives.

  • The local group that manages the golf course has invested years and years’ worth of upgrades to the course and it is playing better than ever.
  • The Men’s Club and Women’s Clubs are booming and are now involved in fundraising. This is my favorite part because it is now a place where I can get my support for local youth fulfilled.
  • Friday Happy Hours at Tayman Park are the best! They have the best Friday Happy Hour in Sonoma County that pairs great wine, the best cocktails Oysters and weekly food specials.

Service Club Alternative

One of the biggest changes I have seen is in our fundraising abilities. A couple of years ago the Men’s and Women’s Clubs got together for a “Social Tournament.” We were asked to bring a donation for the High Schools Golf Teams. The donations were great and so is the passion for golf. We generate tens of thousands of dollars for local causes. It’s just the best!

Support Our Local Resources

This past winter has been a long one and we all want to get out and have fun.

I know for me a great jump start is to have my membership in the Healdsburg Men’s Golf Club, $100.00 for a year which includes ten great dinners and lots of golf tournaments. I also have my Sonoma County Regional Parks Pass. For live music in Sonoma County there are great bands every night these days so get out there and see a live band, enjoy a play at The Raven Theater and CELEBRATE SPRING when you are not busy in the garden.

Bob Santucci is a local Realtor with a passion for his community. 







Thinking About Buying Cloverdale Real Estate?

Cloverdale Homes For SaleThinking About Buying Cloverdale Real Estate?

I have clients thinking about buying Cloverdale Real Estate and there are so many great opportunities. I began my relationship with Cloverdale in the 1980’s as a local Chef. That time period was right after the freeway bypass had gone in and a time of transition for the town. Prior to the freeway bypass all  traffic headed north had to pass through downtown Cloverdale and it was crucial for their economy at the time. There were a lot of restaurants on the main strip. Being an hour and a half north of SF made it a natural as well as a traditional choice to stop for a break.

Cloverdale has seen a lot of good times over the years. It was a lumber town until the 1970’s with a vast majority of the population working in some sort of lumber or lumber related business. It also was the bedroom community for The Geysers. Just east of Cloverdale are the worlds largest Geo Thermal fields which provide a lot of electricity to Northern California.

The town has definitely seen growth over the years and it was developed in spurts which make defining  its neighborhoods a bit easier than most towns. If I were to take you there, we would tour the town. You would have a really great grasp of the oportinities there. We would define your needs, goals and budget and then stay on track in the right area until we meet your goal. It is a really easy town to purchase real estate in. 

One area of town has homes from the WW2 era. Humble little homes but many are on 8,000 SF + lots and a few back up to a nice little creek. The core of the downtown has construction that spans decades with a lot of options. Other areas were all built in the 90’s. There are areas with tremendous view lots and a lot of new construction going on. The new homes have great views all the way to Santa Rosa and are priced in the low 700’s. 

Please give me a call at 707-888-9115 and we can find out if Cloverdale is the right match for you. 


Below is a post that I wrote about a year ago. There has been really great progress since then.

Bob and his history of Cloverdale Real Estate

I was in Cloverdale last night and I overheard a couple of friends on the city council say “He’s a local Realtor”. They were talking about the future of Cloverdale real estate and Cloverdale homes for sale. I was kind of surprised to hear that but the reality is that I do spend a lot of time in Cloverdale and am very active in that real estate market. I network with a lot of friends in Cloverdale and I would hesitate in moving there if the opportunity arises.

Location Location Location

Cloverdale has so much to offer geographically. Yes it is a bit further up the Redwood Highway but the landscape is more dramatic, the Russian River is cleaner, Lake Sonoma is so much closer. The town is ready to grow further and needs, as well as welcomes new blood and ideas. It is the last town in the bay area where you can bring your family, build a business and create that synergy. We nostalgically look back to a better vision forward for our future.

I have watched the town on the verge of growth several times and each time seen it get knocked down by a variety of causes. When the lumber industry left and it was a “Lumber Town” it took a toll on the area. When the “Freeway Bypass” was completed it took another big hit. The town is like a great prize fighter that gets knocked down only to learn and get back up. It has developed strength and character with a deep sense of community.


Alexander Valley Real Estate


Alexander Valley HomeAlexander Valley Real Estate

For Sale


This 3.27 acre Alexander Valley Real Estate consists of a 2 bedroom, 1 bath 880 square foot guest house, a 400 square foot cottage, two double wide mobile homes, a 624 square foot shop and 1.92 acres of premium Cabernet Sauvignon. The 880 SF guest house and mobile home are currently occupied. There are four septic systems on the property and this is a water abundant area.

The parcel is a flag lot which utilizes the mobile home at the front of the property as a privacy barrier to the property. The guest home, guest cottage and remaining land are oriented to optimize the construction of a luxury estate home.

Alexander Valley real estate is prized for the sense of the community offered here. The best Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere, the best schools and the quiet associated with this premium location make this property the best investment in Sonoma County real estate.

For More Photos Click Here

The Vineyard

The vineyard is planted with Clone 37 Cabernet Sauvignon and is approximately 20 years old. The yield is 5.5 tons per acre for 2014 & 2015 harvests. It is on lease with approximately 1 year left on the current lease with a two year option. No buy out price has been set and the fruit goes to Benziger Winery.


Visit Property Website www.AlexanderValleyRealEstate.com  Here

When Interest Rates Rise

When Interest Rate RiseWhen Interest Rates Rise

… many people fall out of the house buying market. This is a mistake. Many of the best mortgages deals become available when lenders are competing for new business and sellers are competing within a smaller buyer pool.

Soon interest rates will be at six percent and if you get a four and a half percent loan now it will be the best investment ever.
You just have to know how to keep the costs down in order to counter the effects of when interest rates rise.
One of the best tricks is the buy-down. In a buy-down, a fee is paid at the closing to get a lower interest rate. In a soft market, an anxious seller may be lured into paying all or part of the buy-down. Another approach is to get the seller to pay some of closing costs, thus lowering the amount of
cash a buyer needs to close. The buyer can frequently use the seller’s costs as a write…off. (Check with your tax adviser.)
There are also many types of lenders out there. I will cover those in my next article.
If the market is softening due to rising or higher rates, the price itself becomes an area where a buyer may be able to save a lot of money on a house through some hard negotiating. Lower prices mean lower loan amounts, so don’t be discouraged by higher rates–use them to your advantage.
I am seeing that some homes coming on the market this year have price tags that are $50,000. – $150,000. over market. Some Realtors are promising high sales prices to secure a listing. Those homes will languish on the market and sell for a lower price in about 60 days.
Things That Traditionally Increase When the Fed Increases Interest Rates
The recent rise in the Fed funds rate will likely cause a ripple effect on the borrowing costs for consumers and businesses that want to access credit based on the U.S. dollar. That has an impact across numerous credit categories, including the following:
The Prime Rate: A hike in the Feds rate immediately fueled a jump in the Prime rate, which represents the credit rate that banks extend to their most credit-worthy customers. This rate is the one on which other forms of consumer credit are based, as a higher prime rate means that banks will increase fixed, and variable-rate borrowing costs when assessing risk on less credit-worthy companies and consumers.
Credit Card Rates: Working off the prime rate, banks will determine how credit-worthy other individuals are based on their risk profile. Rates will be affected for credit cards and other loans as both require extensive risk-profiling of consumers seeking credit to make purchases.
Savings: Money market and credit-deposit (CD) rates increase due to the tick up of the prime rate. In theory, that should boost savings among consumers and businesses as they can generate a higher return on their savings.
Auto Loan Rates: Auto companies have benefited immensely from the Fed’s zero-interest-rate policy, but rising benchmark rates will have an incremental impact. Surprisingly, auto loans have not shifted much since the Federal Reserve’s announcement because they are long-term loans.
Mortgage Rates: A sign of a rate hike can send home borrowers rushing to close on a deal for a fixed loan rate on a new home. However, mortgage rates traditionally fluctuate more in tandem with the yield of domestic 10-year Treasury notes, which are largely affected by inflation rates. Currently, inflation levels remain low and recent, significant purchases of conservative vehicles like the 10-year in a high-risk market keep these yields down.

As always, I am available for a free consultation that will connect you with the right type of lender.

How Do I Price My Property For Sale

How Do I Price My Property For Sale Avoiding Overpricing Pitfalls

How Do I Price My Property For Sale? Determining the list price for your home once you are ready to sell is no small affair. In fact I would argue that knowing the amount of money you will capture from your sale is crucial to long term financial planning.

Overpricing is a common blunder committed by many an anxious seller. With so much
riding on the outcome of the sale, it’s a mistake easily made, but it can be a costly one.
When shopping for a home, the majority of buyers consider the price first. Nothing sullies
a property’s image more than seeing it languish on the market because it was initially

There are many reasons sellers mistakenly overprice their homes. Inadequate
information and lack of experience cause many people to misinterpret market conditions
Perhaps the owner elected to make expensive improvements with the intention of increasing
the property’s value, but the renovations cost more than the return on the investment. Or
maybe the owner purchased the house at an inflated price and is trying to compensate for
overpaying. Sometimes people choose to overprice their home with the intention of
bargaining later.

Since properties generate the most consumer interest when they first appear on the
market, it is critical to rely on the expertise of a professional real estate agent who can
provide you. With a comparative market analysis and help you determine a fair and
competitive price for your home.

My online pricing tool is a great starting point. There are lag times for these tools in certain times of the market such as periods of low inventory, low volume or if the subject property has not been sold for the past seven years. The tool is still a great starting point and provides the best overall view of a neighborhood. It also shows the real price of sold homes around you.

To get the most return on your investment do your homework! Do inspections prior to going on market.



The Great Benefits of Equity Sharing

The Great Benefits of Equity SharingThe Great Benefits of Equity Sharing

Equity sharing can be an arrangement in which all of the players win. Equity sharing contracts are drawn up with the specific terms agreed-upon by the co-owners. The non-resident co-owner will often make the down payment, while the resident co-owner pays the mortgage payments, insurance, property taxes, and repairs,

The biggest benefit for the nonresident co-owner is the tax loss deduction (mostly from depreciation) against ordinary income such as salary, dividends, and interest. Other advantages include part ownership in a property with almost no monthly expenses and a management-free investment. The biggest risk for the non-resident owner is that the resident may not make the monthly payments, resulting in difficulties clearing title and removing the resident.

The benefits of the resident owner include part ownership in a home that will probably
appreciate in market value, involves little or no cash investment up front, and tax deductions for part of the mortgage interest and property taxes, The resident owner has few risks, with the exception of extraordinary expenses, such as a new roof.

Interest rates will soon be rising to over six percent so now is the time to come up with a plan B in your home purchase plan. When interest rate rise the banks often provide more options when it comes to home loans which is something to keep in mind while you are saving.


For more options give Bob Santucci a call at 707-888-9115. Bob is your local Realtor and works at Wright Realty and Investments in Sonoma County. Wright Realty and Investments is a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage with a strong foundation in real estate finance and investing.