Thinking About Buying Cloverdale Real Estate?

Cloverdale Homes For SaleThinking About Buying Cloverdale Real Estate?

I have clients thinking about buying Cloverdale Real Estate and there are so many great opportunities. I began my relationship with Cloverdale in the 1980’s as a local Chef. That time period was right after the freeway bypass had gone in and a time of transition for the town. Prior to the freeway bypass all  traffic headed north had to pass through downtown Cloverdale and it was crucial for their economy at the time. There were a lot of restaurants on the main strip. Being an hour and a half north of SF made it a natural as well as a traditional choice to stop for a break.

Cloverdale has seen a lot of good times over the years. It was a lumber town until the 1970’s with a vast majority of the population working in some sort of lumber or lumber related business. It also was the bedroom community for The Geysers. Just east of Cloverdale are the worlds largest Geo Thermal fields which provide a lot of electricity to Northern California.

The town has definitely seen growth over the years and it was developed in spurts which make defining  its neighborhoods a bit easier than most towns. If I were to take you there, we would tour the town. You would have a really great grasp of the oportinities there. We would define your needs, goals and budget and then stay on track in the right area until we meet your goal. It is a really easy town to purchase real estate in. 

One area of town has homes from the WW2 era. Humble little homes but many are on 8,000 SF + lots and a few back up to a nice little creek. The core of the downtown has construction that spans decades with a lot of options. Other areas were all built in the 90’s. There are areas with tremendous view lots and a lot of new construction going on. The new homes have great views all the way to Santa Rosa and are priced in the low 700’s. 

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Below is a post that I wrote about a year ago. There has been really great progress since then.

Bob and his history of Cloverdale Real Estate

I was in Cloverdale last night and I overheard a couple of friends on the city council say “He’s a local Realtor”. They were talking about the future of Cloverdale real estate and Cloverdale homes for sale. I was kind of surprised to hear that but the reality is that I do spend a lot of time in Cloverdale and am very active in that real estate market. I network with a lot of friends in Cloverdale and I would hesitate in moving there if the opportunity arises.

Location Location Location

Cloverdale has so much to offer geographically. Yes it is a bit further up the Redwood Highway but the landscape is more dramatic, the Russian River is cleaner, Lake Sonoma is so much closer. The town is ready to grow further and needs, as well as welcomes new blood and ideas. It is the last town in the bay area where you can bring your family, build a business and create that synergy. We nostalgically look back to a better vision forward for our future.

I have watched the town on the verge of growth several times and each time seen it get knocked down by a variety of causes. When the lumber industry left and it was a “Lumber Town” it took a toll on the area. When the “Freeway Bypass” was completed it took another big hit. The town is like a great prize fighter that gets knocked down only to learn and get back up. It has developed strength and character with a deep sense of community.